salary arrangements

salary arrangements, the clear understanding between the dental professional and auxiliaries concerning the amount of money they will be paid, the increase in pay they may expect, and the time interval between pay increases.
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Some sort of fixed salary arrangements should be made for tour leaders, he suggested, adding that lack of financial support may be the main reason why locals are not interested in working in this field.
They may have a decade-long career of selling themselves into good base salary arrangements and milking them for all they're worth.
Unions say current salary arrangements do not offer workers a "living wage.
The BBC is the last national public company, so surely licence payers should have a voice in the salary arrangements for those in charge?
As the last, bloated, final salary arrangements limp toward the graveyard of good intentions, employees of the nation are going to have to get used to the fact that although their employer will take the responsibility for setting up and making a contribution to a pension vehicle, the only person driving this going forward will be themselves.
Conservative AMs have said they will not support the proposed new salary arrangements, arguing that the shake-up could drain resources.
The report by the ONS, in an update to its 2005 publication Pension Trends, confirms that employers pay in far less to their money purchase schemes than they do their final salary arrangements.
Indeed, salary arrangements appear to reflect a low need for loyalty from faculty.
An analysis of 80 major pension schemes showed that the most common replacement for final salary arrangements were a money purchase scheme or stake holder pension.
An analysis of 80 major pension schemes showed the most common replacements for final salary arrangements were a money purchase scheme or stakeholder pension.
Directors Steve Fox and Deborah Rice, the two board members to whom Faber referred and who have been persistent critics of Harenski's salary arrangements, could not be reached Thursday for comment.