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relative position, rank, or concentration.
l's of care the six divisions of the health care system: preventive care, primary care, secondary or acute care, tertiary care, restorative care, and continuing care.
background level the usual intensity of a chemical or other stimulus in the environment.
confidence level the probability that a confidence interval does not contain the population parameter.
l's of consciousness see levels of consciousness.
lowest observed adverse effect level (LOAEL) (lowest observed effect level (LOEL)) in studies of the toxicity of chemicals, the lowest dosage level at which chronic exposure to the substance shows adverse effects; usually calculated for laboratory animals.
no observed adverse effect level (NOAEL) (no observed effect level (NOEL)) in studies of the toxicity of chemicals, the highest dosage level at which chronic exposure to the substance shows no adverse effects; usually calculated for laboratory animals.
level of significance a statistical measure that serves as the cutoff point used to determine whether a null hypothesis is retained or rejected; the probability of incorrectly rejecting the null hypothesis (see Type I error).
sterility assurance level (SAL) the probability that a process makes something sterile (see sterilization). An SAL of 10−6 is the recommended probability of survival for organisms on a sterilized device. This level means that there is less than or equal to one chance in a million that an item remains contaminated or nonsterile.


1. A compound formed by the interaction of an acid and a base, the ionizable hydrogen atoms of the acid are replaced by the positive ion of the base.
2. Sodium chloride, the prototypical salt. Synonym(s): table salt
3. A saline cathartic, especially magnesium sulfate, sodium sulfate, or Rochelle salt; often denoted by the plural, salts.
Synonym(s): sal
[L. sal]


abbreviation for sterility assurance level.


Abbreviation for salt.


[L.] salt.
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Located in the heart of Los Angeles, Grotto de Sal is the first wellness center of its kind, committed to making the healing properties of the mineral-rich Dead Sea accessible and attainable to all.
By comparing the phenolic acids of the treated RSM with that of the original RSM, the contents of Sal B and lithospermic acid obviously decreased; while the contents of Sal A, danshensu, protocatechualdehyde, and salvianolic acid D (Sal D) significantly increased in the treated RSM.
Galaxy's Managing Director, Iggy Tan, said while the Company's upmost priority is to ramp up its Jiangsu Lithium Carbonate Plant in China to deliver positive cash flows, the background work for the development of Sal de Vida is also important.
Vlugvoetige takbokke sal eerder in die lug wei, En see visse kaal op die strand agterlaat; 60 As bannelinge, mekaar se grense oorgesteek, Sal 'n Parther eerder uit die Arar drink, 'n Germaan uit die Tigris, As wat daardie man se gesig uit my hart sal verdwyn.
Sal said: "We've got three children and six grandchildren - and four of them are teenagers, so they can help us out.
en mediese fondse sal weier om volle fooie te betaal
SAL has an impressive history going back to 1838 when the first vessel was delivered to the Heinrich family by the German shipyard J.
The canister strapped to his back had gotten tangled in some of the shrubs, but Sal pulled the spray nozzle over his head like a samurai warrior and squeezed the trigger, dousing the hacks he had just made.
The decision to go into the pizza business following college may have been a good one for Sal Lupoli, founder of Sal's Pizza, but it was not one taken lightly.
Styron Asia was established in 1994 to build a new base and network for polystyrene supply in Asia and SAL Petrochemical in 1998, in the light of the rising potential in the market in China.
As they travel, Sal recounts the tale of her friend Phoebe, a girl obsessed with lunatics and their role in the odd disappearance of her own mother; interwoven in the background is the tale of Sal's parents and their family life before Sal's mother left and did not return.
After the stake purchase is approved by Taiwan, Eva and the SAL will each hold a 25 per cent stake in SAL's air cargo unit - SAL Air Cargo.