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simian acquired immune deficiency syndrome.

Patient discussion about SAIDS

Q. I was in the ER because of a chest pain and the doctor there said its costochondritis. What does it mean? I am a 42 years old man. Last night i went to the ER because of a chest pain. The doctors there did many test and in the end they said its costochondritis. What does it mean? Can someone elaborate about the risk factors that can cause this symptom?

A. It seems that you are suffering from a traumatic injury to the skeleton that is near the heart which is called costochondritis. It can be a result of a simple trauma to the area or (as in my case, I am a rower) due to repetitive use of the muscles of the thorax and arms

Q. My father was hospitalized for pneumonia. The doctors said they are afraid of HA-MRSA. Why is it so scary? My father was hospitalized for pneumonia last week. The doctors wanted to discharge him as quick as possible because they said that they are afraid of Hospital Acquired Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (HA-MRSA). Why is it so scary?

A. Hospital Acquired Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus is a leading cause of sepsis and death due to the fact that are very limited antibiotics that kill it.
Because of this it is the nightmare of doctors.
This bacteria is very durable and is very common in hospitals, and because of it, its always better to be at the hospital the minimum time needed.

Q. Our GP said that I have a greater risk for joint disease because I am HLA-B27 + . what is he talking about? My mom and dad have a spondyloarthropathy. they went to our GP and he did us some genetic tests and said that I am HLA-B27 positive, and that i have a greater risk for several diseases. what kind of diseases is he talking about?

A. HLA-B27 is a part of our immune system. Some of us )like me) have this gene and some of us don't have it. The fact you have this gene says you might have some diseases.
Those diseases are mainly arthritis for its kinds and inflammatory bowel diseases (witch I have and its totally manageable.
if your parents have only spondyloarthropathy I guess you can expect you will have a spondyloarthropathy too.
Go to your GP and ask him to explain you more about this.

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