sagittal section

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1. an act of cutting.
2. a cut surface.
3. a segment or subdivision of an organ.
abdominal section laparotomy; incision of the abdominal wall.
cesarean section delivery of a fetus by incision through the abdominal wall and uterus; see also cesarean section.
frontal section a section through the body passing at right angles to the median plane, dividing the body into dorsal and ventral parts.
frozen section a specimen cut by microtome from tissue that has been frozen; see also frozen section.
perineal section external urethrotomy.
sagittal section a section through the body coinciding with the sagittal suture, thus dividing the body into right and left halves.
serial s's histologic sections of a specimen made in consecutive order and so arranged for the purpose of microscopic examination.
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sag·it·tal sec·tion

a cross section obtained by slicing, actually or through imaging techniques, the body or any part of the body, or any anatomic structure in the sagittal plane, that is, in a vertical plane parallel to the median plane. Inasmuch as actual sectioning in the sagittal plane results in right and left portions, an anatomic sagittal section may be a two-dimensional view of the cut surface on the medial aspect of either portion.
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sag·it·tal sec·tion

(saji-tăl sekshŭn)
Cross-section obtained by slicing, actually or through imaging techniques, the body or any body part, or any anatomic structure in sagittal plane.
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This is caused by a prominent internal bulge on one side of the endocarp wall that is well seen in sagittal section (Fig.
[IM-1.sub.SAG] fiber angles were measured from sagittal sections (thickness 10-15 [micro]m) of the mantle.
The whole mount of worm measures about 14.165+- 2.096 mm in length and 6.693+- 0.923 mm in width, while sagittal section (Fig.
For accurate results the fetus should be in a neutral position, away from the amnion, and seen in sagittal section, Dr.
(A): Sagittal section through E-8 control embryos showing normal development and differentiation of the three germ layers.
Lastly, the results of the angle of the anterior surface of the sagittal section (CMSO, CSSO, and MSSO) may contribute to preparation of plates with a flat head.
On histological examination, the sagittal section of kidneys from the control group showed well developed cortical renal corpuscles; these contained loops of glomerular capillaries, surrounded by Bowman's capsule, having visceral and parietal layers, with capsular space in between.
Sagittal section showed retrocardiac vessel extending towards diaphragm (fig.
Histological structure of sagittal section of fetal kidney of control showing cortex (C), medulla (M), nephrogenic (N), deep cortex (D), Renal corpuscles (G) and cross sections of cortical ducts (T), (H & E 10X).
As a result, it was suggested that the 30-degree scanning angle in T2-weighted images might be optimum for showing the RCPmi because the length of the RCPmi was the longest in this oblique sagittal section. In this study, a reference value of imaging anatomical parameters of the RCPmi was set up on the basis of the scanning section of 30-degree angle: the length of the RCPmi was 21.2 [+ or -] 2.6 mm in male and 19.3 [+ or -] 2.4 mm in female, and the area of the RCPmi was (91.9 [+ or -] 27.2) mm2 in male and (73.3 [+ or -] 22.0) mm2 in female.
T2 sagittal section of cervical and thorax spine shows CSF space expansion around the nerve roots with mild dilatation of root sleeves is seen on the right side of D4-D5 levels, which could represent sites of dural leak (Fig.