sagittal axis

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 [ak´sis] (pl. ax´es)
1. a line through a center of a body, or about which a structure revolves.
the second cervical vertebra. adj., adj ax´ial.
2. the position of the cylindrical part of a lens, used for correcting astigmatism; the range of values is from 0° to 180°.
celiac axis celiac trunk.
dorsoventral axis one passing from the posterior to the anterior surface of the body.
electrical axis of heart the preponderant direction of current flow through the heart, a consequence of the electromotive forces within the heart. It may be computed on either an instantaneous basis or a mean basis.
frontal axis an imaginary line running from right to left through the center of the eyeball.
axis of heart a line passing through the center of the base of the heart to the apex.
instantaneous electrical axis the electrical axis of the heart determined at a given point in time.
lead axis the imaginary direct line between the two electrodes of the bipolar leads or between the positive electrode and the reference point of the unipolar leads.
mean electrical axis the average direction of the activation or repolarization process during the cardiac cycle; it may be determined for any deflection (P, QRS, ST-T) and in the frontal, transverse, or sagittal plane.
optic axis
1. a line connecting the center of the anterior curvature of the cornea (anterior pole) with that of the posterior curvature of the sclera (posterior pole).
2. the hypothetical straight line passing through the centers of curvature of the front and back surfaces of a simple lens.
phlebostatic axis a point located by drawing an imaginary line from the fourth intercostal space at the sternum and finding its intersection with an imaginary line drawn down the center of the chest below the axillae.
Phlebostatic axis.
sagittal axis an imaginary line extending through the anterior and posterior poles of the eye.
visual axis an imaginary line passing from the midpoint of the visual field to the fovea centralis.
Axes of the eye. From Dorland's , 2000.
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sag·it·tal ax·is

in dentistry, the line in the frontal plane around which the working side condyle rotates during mandibular movement.
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sag·it·tal ax·is

(saj'i-tăl ak'sis)
dentistry The line in the frontal plane around which the working side condyle rotates during mandibular movement.
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sag·it·tal ax·is

(saj'i-tăl ak'sis)
In dentistry, line in frontal plane around which working side condyle rotates during mandibular movement.
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Caption: Figure 15: Comparison of the induced electric field along the sagittal axis of the homogeneous, the three-compartment, and the compound models, respectively, due to 1800 MHz EM wave, vertical polarization, and incident on the anterior side.
Two referents displayed on the sagittal axis in front of the speaker, with speaker either touching or closely pointing Good Bad se(ni) (PX) sere (PX) sere (PX) se(ni) (PX) anything else sere (Px) se(ni) (PX) sere (PX) se(ni) (PX) (4:2) (4:2) (3:2) (3:2) (2:2) Table 3.
The ACP tip orientation is described according to apex of the triangle heading towards posterior (parallel to midline sagittal axis) or towards medial (crossing midline sagittal axis)
This study involved the assessment of athletes' decision-making speed and accuracy in relation to the speed of an object moving along the sagittal axis before and after completion of an incremental treadmill test.