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(saj'i-tă), Avoid the mispronunciation saj'ĭ-ta.
A single otolith in the ear of certain fish.
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The demonstrator is the product of the 'Open Innovation' / SAGITTA national initiative launched by Airbus in 2010 alongside 4 German universities.
One consists of increasingly small star patterns: little Delphinus, smaller Sagitta, and smallest Brocchi's Cluster (better known to amazed binocular and telescope users as the Coathanger).
However, while Sagitta has achieved the initial purpose of its support for the Guineas, other financial services companies have scaled down their sponsorship involvement under the current less buoyant conditions.
The star, which resides in the constellation Sagitta, lies 58 light-years from Earth.
Vixel Corporation (Nasdaq:VIXL), a provider of storage networking products and solutions, and Sagitta Performance Systems, the United Kingdom's leading independent provider of high performance storage area networking (SAN) products and storage consulting services, have signed a partnership agreement to deliver SAN management capabilities to the European storage user community.
Sagitta band granulators are also featured in the bulletin, along with Tricool products for temperature control.
ISLAND Sands, winner of the 1999 Sagitta 2000 Guineas, was back on a racecourse yesterday for the first time in seven months, and the son of Turtle Island put up a performance full of promise.
hexaptera (d'Orbigny, 1843) Sagitta bipunctata (Quoy y Gaimard, 1827), S.
Little Sagitta the Arrow is one of my favourite constellations.
Financial solutions provider Britannic Retirement Solutions has chosen to install the eXpert e-mail archiving solution from storage services company Sagitta in an attempt to reduce the amount of business processing time.