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(săf′rə-nēn′, -nĭn) or saf·ra·nin (-nĭn)
Any of a family of dyes based on phenazine, used in the textile industry and as a biological stain.
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Caption: Figure 3: Representative curves of MMP measurement using safranine O after treatment with EGCG and/or tBHP.
Encinas, "Laser flash photolysis study of the photoinitiator system safranine T-aliphatic amines for vinyl polymerization," Macromolecules, vol.
Stokell brought Safranine (16-1) with a powerful late run to beat Ruby's Dream by a length and a half in the Systimax Gigaspeed XL Fillies' Handicap over five and a half furlongs.
After being washed, tracheids were treated with safranine 1 percent.
5.15 - 1, SAFRANINE (Joanna Badger) 20-1; 2, Rififi 12-1; 3, Goretski 4-1 Jt Fav.
Beverley 2.15 Yetti, 2.45 Safranine, 3.45 Rushmore.
The paraffin chips, 10 m thick, were stained with safranine fast green and mounted with neutral resin.
The stigmas were then fixed in alcohol-acetic acid solution and stained with safranine, aniline blue and acetic acid (Dafni,1992).
After the detachment of the cuticle fragments were washed in distilled water, stained with Safranine (1%, in water solution) and mounted on a slide (Foster 1950).
"I train them, ride them, drive the box to and from the racecourse," she says, sitting in the sun after riding Safranine into fourth place at Warwick 12 days ago.
Cd Europe was having his first run since June when edged out by Safranine at Redcar earlier this month and is another leading contender.