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The dried stigmas of Crocus sativus (C. officinalis) (family Iridaceae), formerly used occasionally in flatulent dyspepsia; also formerly used as an antispasmodic in asthma and dysmenorrhea and as a coloring and flavoring agent.
Synonym(s): saffron
[L. fr. G. krokos, the crocus, saffron (made from its stigmas)]
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Chinese medicine
A herb, the flower of which contains crocetin; it is used as an antispasmodic, alterative and cardiotonic, and is believed be an aphrodisiac. Saffron has been used to treat anaemia, cardiovascular disease (hypertension, palpitations and tachycardia), delayed menses, obstetrical problems and muscle spasms. 

Herbal medicine
Saffron is used in Western herbal medicine much in the same way as Chinese medicine.
In extreme excess, saffron has caused death in women who have used it as an abortifacient.
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Where fashionable foods have taken off at some restaurants, Saffrons has shown its individuality and confidence by sticking to very obviously home-made dishes blended from the finest ingredients.
But the Saffrons effectively booked their place in the provincial final with a storming start to the second half.
Of those who started against the Saffrons very few could look back on their performances with even a modicum of pride.
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It hasn't been a smooth campaign for the Saffrons, with various factors ensuring there was never a settled side, and as Cahill points out:
ANTRIM boss Dinny Cahill will tell his players it's win or bust as the Saffrons look to take a giant bite out of the Big Apple today.
On Sunday when he steps out on to the Casement Park pitch the young Derry forward will be taking part in his twelfth championship game, what's even more staggering is that it will be his fifth meeting against the Saffrons.
The Saffrons started well and were 0-4 to 0-1 to the good after 10 minutes, all the Antrim scores coming from Neil McManus, who finished with 0-16.
ANTRIM boss Dinny Cahill has been tipped by Saffrons sources to stay on for at least another year.
McFall's absence from the Saffrons' firing squad is a blow as the team has also been hit by injury problems.
The Saffrons take another giant step towards that end today when they face Down.
Year in year out, O'Neill lined out for Antrim's footballers without any success - his inter-county career landed right in the middle of an 18-year drought that saw the Saffrons go without a single Championship win.