protective spectacles

(redirected from safety spectacles)

pro·tec·tive spec·ta·cles

spectacles that protect against ultraviolet or infrared rays or against mechanical injuries.
Synonym(s): safety spectacles
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Tenders are invited for Supply of Plain Glass For Arc Welding, Combination Unit Of Safety Shower And Eye Washer, Panorama Safety Goggle, Plain Safety Spectacles
The frames of safety spectacles are constructed of metal and/or plastic and can be fitted with either corrective or piano impact-resistant lenses.
I am also pleased to see that Dr Eirian Hughes, in Dispensing protective eyewear (OT, July 11, 2015), generally refers to protective eyewear, not safety spectacles.
Launched in this year's Big Book catalogue, Arco says its new range of safety spectacles incorporates the latest in eyewear technology offering excellent all round protection Arco's comprehensive range of high quality safety eyewear now includes the new Arco Tundra, Mistral, Strata and Zephyr safety spectacles.
The 3M Food and Beverage range includes earmuffs, earplugs, disposable respirators and safety spectacles.
He then dons safety spectacles and sits behind a mock car windscreen.
Supply of prescription safety spectacles Tender no: STC/ST11MT0183 Description: The scope of work includes supply of stocking and supply of prescription safety spectacles on call-off basis for a period of three years.
Safety spectacles, optically corrected swimming goggles andsportseyewearcanalsobe provided, as can all types of contact lenses.
These services include eye examinations and a special Business Eye Care Scheme, which offers special rates for companies that require, for example, VDU examinations and safety spectacles for their staff.
Even though the pupils were wearing safety spectacles, the sides had no protection.
The two politicians donned safety spectacles to examine mechanisms within the wing being constructed.
He spoke after touring the plant with manufacturing director Frederic Fabre and even donning safety spectacles and overalls to do a spot of welding.