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n. pl. safe·ties
1. The condition of being safe; freedom from danger, risk, or injury.
2. A device designed to prevent accidents, as a lock on a firearm preventing accidental firing.
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Relative freedom from harm, a term which, in clinical trials, refers to an absence of harmful side effects resulting from use of the product under investigation; it may be assessed by laboratory testing of biological samples, special tests and procedures, psychiatric evaluation, and/or physical examination of subjects/patients.
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Public health The state of being secure or safe from injury, harm, or loss; a judgment of the acceptability of risk–a measure of the probability of an adverse outcome and its severity associated with using a technology in a given situation–eg, for a Pt with a particular health problem, by a clinician with certain training, or in a specified treatment setting. See Injury, Injury prevention, Negotiated safety, On-line safety.
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Patient discussion about safety

Q. what measures are in place to ensure the safety of vaccines. Hello there, I read the previous question which was asked by Edmund. This question made me to think, what measures are in place to ensure the safety of vaccines.

A. Not only related to Autism, we have to be very cautious when we vaccine for other diseases too. As with all medical products, vaccines undergo extensive testing to document their efficacy and to explore potential harms. Before a potential vaccine is licensed for use, FDA scientists conduct a thorough and independent review of the testing data and often employ the help of an FDA public advisory review committee. In addition, FDA rigorously oversees the manufacturing process for vaccines used in this country - including approval of each step in the process and on site inspection. Following licensure, vaccines continue to be monitored through information shared by parents, doctors, and other public health officials.

Q. Contact lenses I’m 17 years old girl, and I have glasses since third grade. I never had any real problems with wearing them,. my best friend always encourage me to try contact lenses, but it seems so strange to put something on directly on your eyes- is it safe? How difficult is it to do?

A. Consult your ophthalmologist (eye doctor) before you decide.

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