sadomasochistic relationship

sa·do·mas·och·is·tic re·la·tion·ship

a relationship characterized by the complementary enjoyment of inflicting and suffering cruelty.
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There is some scholarly speculation that Johnson may have enjoyed a protracted and even outright sadomasochistic relationship with her, depending on how one interprets Johnson's remark that "a Woman has such power between the Ages of twenty five and forty five, that She may tye a man to a post and whip him if she will"--a sentiment that prompted Thrale herself to note: "This he knew of himself was literally and strictly true." In an essay in the Rambler, Johnson offered a sympathetic first-person account of an imaginary streetwalker that he called Misella who recounted her life of woe.
"The courts must judge if showing an adult film -- especially when it is about this sadomasochistic relationship -- is right for children," he added.
And Hawthorne's knowledge of the heart's "morbid" potential not only makes Chillingworth and Dimmesdale's sadomasochistic relationship possible, but also bestows on that relationship the most unexpected quality of mutual pleasure--in distincr departure from the Cenci plot.
Georgie is obsessed with his manipulative, but extremely sexual next-door neighbor, Claudia Nesbitt, and shares a sadomasochistic relationship with her that is supported only by his obsession — Claudia has no love for Georgie.
The film, which tells of a young female student embarking on a sadomasochistic relationship with a wealthy older man, had already taken one million pounds in advance ticket sales prior to its release today, while the first trailer for it pulled in a recordbreaking 36 million views in less than a week when it debuted online last summer.
McDonough, who previously told the jury about the couple's sadomasochistic relationship, testified that Mr.
The authors refer to psychic sadomasochism, a term used to describe sadomasochistic relationship images in the psyche which are enacted onto others, including the analyst, within the therapeutic arena.
The storyline follows a young college student as she embarks on a sadomasochistic relationship with an older businessman.
She soon embarks on a sadomasochistic relationship with her domineering boss that has a dramatic effect on both their lives.
While it would be easy to attribute this to the rising trend in erotic fiction, only a third of women polled (34 percent) said they had read E.L James' 50 Shades of Grey, which explores the thrill of a sadomasochistic relationship.
Adapted from an acclaimed 2002 novel by lowlife-fixated Brit novelist Niall Griffiths, this thematically ambitious narrative debut for rock-doc director Kieran Evans looks dirtily chic and boasts an unsurprisingly sharp soundtrack, but is on less sure footing with its delineation of a sadomasochistic relationship. Uneven, but a strildng calling card for many involved, this sexually explicit (if deliberately unerotic) item is likely to seduce more adventurous fest programmers than distributors.
Isolated in his sadomasochistic relationship and connection to Vienna, he barely takes note of Lotte Budenheim, a young Jewish woman who has fallen desperately in love with the aspiring writer.