saddle back

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(lōr-dō'sis), [TA]
An anteriorly convex curvature of the vertebral column; the normal lordoses of the cervical and lumbar regions are secondary curvatures of the vertebral column, acquired postnatally.
Synonym(s): hollow back, saddle back
[G. lordōsis, a bending backward]
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saddle back

See lordosis.
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A surface or structure that resembles a seat used to ride a horse. The base of artificial dentures is often referred to as a saddle.

saddle area

The portion of the buttocks, perineum, and thighs that comes in contact with the seat of the saddle when one rides a horse.

saddle back

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With replacement bridle and saddle back in place, the 11-4 favourite picked up well to beat Irish raider Battimoore and Exceed Elegance.
Stopping to tell how the race had gone for him as he carried his saddle back into the changing room, McCoy said: "From Becher's second time he just got tired and struggled a bit.
He was last seen in the saddle back in August 2002 before retiring due to a combination of weight and injury problems.
We won't put a saddle back on him until Monday and the plan to run him at Aintree stands unless the ground happens to come up heavy."
Noyan easily shrugged off his three rivals, and Horner's biggest problem came after the race, when she had to hump a heavily-weighted lead cloth and saddle back to the scales.
"He is a fantastic jockey and the only person who could have put the saddle back in place when it slipped on Indian Bleu in the Prix Murat," said the owner.