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pertaining to the sacrum and coccyx.
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Relating to both sacrum and coccyx.
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(săk′rō-kŏk-sĭj′ē-əl, sā′krō-)
Of, relating to, or affecting the sacrum and coccyx.
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Relating to both sacrum and coccyx.
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Sacrococcygeal eversion is a condition in which the distal sacral and coccygeal vertebrae are curved in a retroverted direction.
Dr Hassan said, "Sacrococcygeal teratoma is a tumour that develops before birth and grows from a baby's coccyx, the tailbone.
Clinical Features Clinical features Number Percentage Cyst 29 13.8% Exophytic Papule 19 9.04% Moles 3 1.42% Nodulated 20 9.52% Nodule with Cyst 19 9.04% Papule 52 24.7% Pigmented Lesions 29 13.8% Plaque 2 0.95% Polypoidal 6 2.85% Reddishness 18 8.57% Sacrococcygeal Mass 1 0.47% Scapula Nodule 1 0.47% Swelling 184 87.6% Ulcer 27 12.8% Table 3.
After shaving of sacrococcygeal area, surface was cleaned with povidone-iodine, and methylene blue was injected to identify the sinus tracts.
Superficial USG was performed for evaluation of dimensions, borders and branchs in sacrococcygeal or non-scarococcygeal PD.
Objective: Pilonidal sinus is a disorder of the sacrococcygeal region affecting younger individuals with a higher hair and weight distribution.
These cancers may arise in the testis, the ovary, or the extragonadal sites including the sacrococcygeal area and the mediastinum.
reported that, after using TSTI screw fixation in 3 patients, the sacrococcygeal and pelvic incidence angles were reduced from 84[degrees] and 75[degrees] preoperatively to 58[degrees] and 56[degrees] postoperatively, respectively (reduction losses of 14[degrees] and 15[degrees], respectively) [10].
Jude Medical, which was subsequently purchased by Abbot) spinal cord stimulator with one octode lead placed through the sacrococcygeal hiatus.
The anatomopathological examination revealed sacrococcygeal involvement by a thyroid carcinoma, as verified by immunohistochemical staining for thyroglobulin and TTF-1, predominantly papillary (follicular variant), however with foci of nondifferentiated (insular) carcinoma (Figures 1 and 2).
Our patient presented with other bone abnormalities associated with the left foot equinovarus deformity; these included sacrococcygeal malformations and partial agenesis of the left tibia.
Other causes associated with the onset of the syndrome in the case studies included multiple pregnancies (10 cases); viral infections such as Coxsackie B, cytomegalovirus, and parvovirus B19 (nine cases); tumors and congenital anomalies such as placental chorioangioma, fetal aortic stenosis, Galen's vein aneurysm, cystic hygroma in the fetal neck, and fetal sacrococcygeal teratoma, among other unknown causes.