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The fifth pair of sacral foramina is generated either due to fusion of first coccygeal vertebra to apex of sacrum or fifth lumbar vertebra with first sacral vertebra. This pair of foramina gives passage to fifth pair of sacral and coccygeal nerve and fifth pair of lumbar nerve respectively.
The sacral vertebra from 21-3 would become a trunk vertebra in 22-2, the first postsacral vertebra the sacral vertebra, and the last trunk vertebra a rib-bearing trunk vertebra.
between the long axis of 5th lumbar vertebra and that of first sacral vertebra and 2) by Ferguson's technique (Fig 4) i.e.
We used a two-fold subdivision of lumbarization (1) Unilateral complete lumbarization (2) Bilateral complete lumbarization of first sacral vertebra (sacrum with three pairs of sacral foramina, Figure -1 & 2).
[7,8] The stem of caliper was applied to upper surface of the body of first sacral vertebra and measurement of maximum breadth was taken across the greatest expanse of lateral masses of the bone as shown (Figure 1,2 and 3).
At 24th week of intrauterine life, the termination level of the CM corresponds to the level of first sacral vertebra. The spinal cord extends to the level of the second or third lumbar vertebra at birth (Malas et al, 2001).