sacral nerve

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sacral nerve

One of five pairs of dorsal or five pairs of ventral spinal nerves originating in the sacral segments of the spinal cord.


The dorsal sacral spinal nerves innervate the skin and fascia over the sacrum and the medial gluteal region. The ventral sacral spinal nerves innervate the sacrospinous and sacrotuberous ligaments and the skin of the perineum.


The dorsal sacral spinal nerves innervate the lower multifidius muscles. The ventral sacral spinal nerves innervate the coccygeus and levator ani muscles.

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Attempts to relax the urethral sphincter include the use of alpha-blockers, injection of botulinum toxin or sacral nerve stimulation.
The device - like a pacemaker - is the size of a pounds 2 coin and sends electrical pulses to the sacral nerves at the base of the spine.
Some examples are spinal cord stimulators (IPG implants), which are similar to pacemakers; deep brain stimulators; vagus nerve stimulators; sacral nerve stimulators; and gastric electric stimulators.
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Trauma to the perineum or the sacral nerve roots is also a cause of pelvic dysfunction.