sacral foramen

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sa·cral fo·ra·men

(sā'krăl fōr-ā'mĕn) [TA]
One of the openings between the fused sacral vertebrae transmitting the sacral nerves. The anterior sacral foramina transmit ventral primary rami of the sacral nerves. The posterior sacral foramina give passage to the dorsal primary rami of the sacral nerves.
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Therefore, lateral needle tip position may cause leakage through the sacral foramen, and less volume of injectate may spread to the lumbar level rather than with the needle tip in the midline position.
They said that there was no direct relationship between the volume of injected solution and the number of blocked segments due to the anterior leakage of solution through the sacral foramen. Nevertheless, in previous systematic review, the amount of injected fluid in epidural block was correlated with pain relief among the patients with radicular pain and/or low back pain [24].
Posteriorly, a Denis Type II fracture was manipulated by an oscillating saw passing through the left sacral foramen. After the reduction of sacral fractures, two kinds of internal fixation were implanted.
In this study, we manufactured a Tile C pelvic fracture, the most frequent sacral fracture, by cutting the sacrum through the sacral foramen using an oscillating saw and cutting the symphysis pubis using a scalpel.[sup][16] Some scholars considered that conservative treatment is most effective when the separation of the symphysis pubis was <2.5 cm.[sup][19] However, clinical research showed that fixing posterior pelvic ring simply was prone to the inclination of pelvis, pain, and nonunion.[sup][20] Therefore, some scholars advocated open reduction and fixation.[sup][21] In this study, we fixed the symphysis pubis using a four- or five-hole plate.
The winding path to sacral foramen neural modulation: a historic chronology.
Two bone trocars were inserted between the sacral foramen and sacroiliac joint.
A tiny drop of PMMA was seen extending into the left sacral foramen without any clinical sequela (Figure 5).
Clinical results of sacral neuromodulation for chronic voiding dysfunction using unilateral sacral foramen electrodes.