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Treatment with onabotulinumtoxinA may control UUI symptoms better than sacral neuromodulation therapy
The procedure of sacral colpopexy and sacrocolpopexy was almost the same, while the difference was that the mesh was fixed around the cervix.
Wyndaele JJ and others concluded that clinical neurological examination alone is inadequate to predict type of NB dysfunction especially in the setting of combined supra-sacral and sacral injuries16-18.
The Formula of Sacral Index is Sacral Index = Width of Sacrum X100/ Length of Sacrum.
Consequently, the surgical treatment of pressure ulcers in the sacral region depends on the patient's individual situation, the cooperation of the family, and previously applied treatments
The Currarino syndrome is a triad of anomalies consisting of an ARM, sacral defect, and presacral mass.
Sacral Neuromodulation therapy is an effective and durable treatment that has been widely used and reimbursed in Europe and the US for the past two decades.
Persistence of intervertebral discs between the sacral and coccygeal vertebrae is a very rare finding.
Briefly, in the literature, it was reported that isolated sacral or coccygeal tuberculosis is generally revealed by back pain without neurological deficit.
The sacral abnormality is most often identified on an abdominal or pelvic radiograph.
He complained of left sacral pain and had tenderness in the same region.
Careful intraoperative technique and Vertaplex HV PMMA is an excellent and safe solution in the management of sacral fractures," said Jeffrey W.