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(săk′yə-lāt′) or sac·cu·lat·ed (-lā′tĭd) or sac·cu·lar (-lər)
Formed of or divided into a series of saclike dilations or pouches.
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51, 55, 56, 61; but not Nierstrasz, 1902); a sacculate midgut; paired lower gametoducts that unite, filling a major part of the posterior body space; paired "seminal vesicles" that were identified by Nierstrasz for D.
Small, spiny, stout, with hollow, barbed, upright spicules; with or without dorsal carina; cuticle and epidermis thin, without stalked papillae; radula with distichous hooks; multicellular dorsal salivary glands not opening through a papilla; ventral salivary glands saclike with tubular ducts; midgut not sacculate or indistinctly so; with an elongate pericardial cavity forming an anterior glandular sac ("sac ovigere" of Pruvot [1891]); pericardial glands present; seminal receptacles as saclike extensions of lower gametoducts; with copulatory spicules; mantle cavity with numerous long respiratory papillae; dorsoterminal sense organ present.
Anterior pharynx a long, narrow tube; midgut not sacculate, with single dorsal cecum.