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In the present study, we examined how retinal GCs respond to global motion images evoked by simulated fixational and saccadic eye movements, presented singly and in sequence.
Eight weeks from visual training exercises could affected on dynamic balance, saccadic eye movements and performance level of vault for junior gymnasts.
Saccadic eye movement applications for psychiatric disorders.
Vertical (48%) and/or horizontal (22%) saccadic pursuit [4]
NESBIT'S NARRATIVE PROPER, which begins in the '30s, is told in episodes and saccadic bursts, zigzagging across time and the map at breakneck speed, carried by word-pictures and apothegms.
This is difficult for children and so, with the generous support of one of our young patient's parents, we have been able to introduce an innovative, child-friendly method of testing visual fields - a Saccadic Vector Optokinetic Perimetry (SVOP) - only the second in the UK.
Monocular elevation deficiency (MED) is classified as three subtypes: 1) restrictive form, with features including positive forced duction test (FDT) for elevation, normal elevation forced generation test (FGT), and elevation saccadic velocity, often an extra or deeper lower eyelid fold on attempted upgaze and poor or absent Bell phenomenon; 2) paretic form with elevator muscle weakness, with features including free FDT, reduced elevation FGT and saccadic velocity, in which the Bell phenomenon is often preserved; and 3) a combination form, with features including positive FDT for elevation and reduced FGT and saccadic velocity for elevation.
Laboratory research found that these flicker conditions could disrupt saccadic eye movements (2) , reduce visual performance (3) and reduce clerical work performance (4) , always in comparison to fluorescent lamps operated on high-frequency electronic ballasts.
However, we suggest further studies in regard to visual skills, saccadic eye movement, facility of accommodation and sensory performance of visual system that may be evaluated by contrast sensitivity threshold.