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Species of Puccinia and other microbes constituting important pathogens of plants, especially cereal grains; they are important allergens for humans when inhaled in large numbers, as in harvesting processes.
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Species of Puccinia and other microbes comprising important pathogens of plants, especially cereal grains; they are important allergens for humans when inhaled in large quantities, as during harvesting.
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Patient discussion about rusts

Q. Are throat nodulars caused by second hand smoke, allergy drip, and reflux. Also can chlorine and rust in water

A. Throat nodules, or also known as - vocal cord nodules, are usually caused by maximum contact between the two vocal cords. The cause of these formations are usually strenuous or abusive voice practices such as yelling and coughing. Persons who are often susceptible are those who use their voice constantly in a loud environment. Examples include teachers, cheerleaders, politicians, actors, musicians and singers. I am not sure I understand the question about chlorine and rust in water, I don't think these factors have a connection to vocal cord nodules. Other throat nodules can be cause by smoking (not as much in second hand smoke), alcohol or chewed tobbacco use.

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He is also pursuing studies of the rusts of native North American prairie grasses.
Genetic association of gene Bdv1 for barley yellow dwarf virus with genes Lr34 and Yr18 for adult plant resistance to rusts in bread wheat.
Three of the 5,000-odd species of crop-attacking rusts are serious parasites of wheat: stem rust, stripe or yellow rust and leaf rust (all in genus Puccinia).
wheat and barley submissions at the Njoro Research Center of the Kenya Agricultural Research Institute; developed wheat lines with multiple genes for resistance to Ug99 and other stem rusts; and identified resistance sources in several barley lines being tested in Kenya.
Margaret Newton became an international authority on rusts and was invited to speak to scientists all over the world.
The centershift guide pin rusts in place when the grader sits too long without exercise.
Wheat leaf, stripe and stem rusts have devastating role in reducing crop yield resulting in socio-economic instability many times across the world.
With regard to more potentially changing of rusts fungi by different events; mutation, migration in long-distances and selection pressure of cultivar genotypes on pathogen genotypes [2, 15], researchers should deploy race-nonspecific or combination of race-nonspecific with race-specific resistance instead of using only race-specific.
I have a bracket that needs to be removed but rust has eaten into the bolts holding on a seat in my shower.
Rust is a reddish, flaky coating that appears on some metal objects when they are exposed to water.