runner's high

A state of euphoria experienced by those who run long distances, which is attributed to endorphins and enkephalins
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run·ner's high

(rŭn'ĕrz hī)
Euphoria experienced by some runners and joggers as they near the end of a run. Believed to be associated with the release of endorphins produced by physical stress.
See also: exercise high
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The experience is what's used to be called a "runner's high" which now could be any aerobic sport from martial arts to badminton to skydiving (well okay, that's more of fear).
"Something is different." Some people get an endorphin rush or a "runner's high" after working out, while other people get a rush from other activities.
Release/Art Oca For an idea on how they sound like, listen to their songs"Young," "Runner's High" and "Grace." Juhwan serenading the crowd.
He explains the following about the selfish chemicals: Endorphins mask physical pain, i.e., it's the "runner's high," and you will feel the pain next day.
RUNNER'S high is an actual thing - a release of feel-good chemicals that gives some runners a real buzz.
On a high note TRUST ME, I'M A DOCTOR BBC2 8pm RUNNER'S high is an actual thing - a release of feel-good chemicals that gives you a real buzz from the exercise.
In person registration is available at Runner's High n' Tri May 25th and 26th.
Bike riding can trigger the adrenaline rush of self-propelled speed akin to a runner's high, without the pavement pounding that can hurt knees and other joints.
By the time I had cleaned out the closet (five bags of black heavy-duty contractors bags), I had reached the equivalent of a "runner's high." Throughout the process I had become a disciple of Kerri Richardson: "Clutter.
Studies have found that running reduces stress, anxiety and depression, but Newkey-Burden reminds us that the happy, contented condition known as 'runner's high' is not only achievable but a medical fact.
Running can produce endorphins to reduce stress and even create the runner's high that gives you a better outlook on your life.
It makes the longevity of the runner's high last longer because technically you're already high," Collins added.