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1. the series of events in a disease incident in a patient. It may be peracute, acute, subacute, chronic or intermittent.
2. to course a rabbit, hare or fox is to run it in view, the opposite of conventional hunting by scent. Is prevented by legislation in most countries.

acute course
1 or 2 days.
chronic course
more than 1 week.
intermittent course
periods of normality of a few minutes or hours.
peracute course
a few hours.
recurrent course
periods of normality of weeks to months.
subacute course
up to a week.

Patient discussion about course

Q. Thanks in advance for your help!!!I of course I need to work closely with my doctor, and i want to share here. Hi to all, I am 25, female with bipolar and wants to have a baby. I have so many doubts in me; the main question is does intake of bipolar meds safe during pregnancy? Is it possible to have a healthy baby being a bipolar? Thanks in advance for your help!!!I of course I need to work closely with my doctor, and I wanted to share here first.

A. I dealt with pregnancy without meds as I had only depression. But your case is different. You being a bipolar should continue meds to get cure for that disorder. I shall suggest you to get treatment for this disorder and later try for pregnancy. I am sure the medicines will have side effect on the baby and I read years ago that some of the medications used to treat mood disorders can actually dissolve the baby. Secondly, there are other ways to go around this. You can have different therapy. That will surely help you. Finally it is better to consult your family physician before trying to become pregnant. I shall strongly suggest you to get rid of this disorder and try pregnancy later as you are still young and can wait for 2 more years?

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Chris thought the programme had run its course CHRIS'S SPOKESMAN ON CLARKSON REBOOT
Bladerunner's uncle, Arnold Pistorius said in a statement on Saturday that they realise that the law must run its course, and they would not have it any other way.
The strategy of remaking luxury designer goods in cheap materials in order to comment upon their questionable appeal and value was a strategy that had, it seemed, run its course.
And with Nate, who was the dramatic spine of the show from the start, turning out to be such a twit at the end, I think it was clear that the show, like him, had run its course.
Seeking to turn the Parliamentary spotlight on to the issue will achieve nothing, when the sensible course is quite clearly to allow a reasonable amount of time for the mediation process to run its course.
This fad, like all fads, has run its course and now must come to an end.
On the other hand, few would argue against most of the buildings on the list, certainly up to the most recent cases, where their inclusion must be provisional until test of time has run its course.
With the constitutional amendment process having run its course, a statewide movement to remove the activist judges under Article 8 of the state constitution is expected to take on new momentum over the coming months (see "Will Mass.
And that development is the justification for having let the boom run its course.