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Characterized by a preoccupation with certain thoughts and ideas.
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Further, Nolen-Hoeksema (1994) suggested that the ruminative and distractive coping response sets might be a result of socialization processes that contribute to gender stereotypes.
Reserved, ruminative and spare, these are stunning still lifes, the most haunting of which is Rocking Chair.
As the title of the CD suggests, the music here is on the quiet side, gently ruminative rather than aggressively thought-provoking.
That decree should be the product of many ruminative hours spent with your beloved, with or without benefit of professional help.
Where Panorama and the sketches from Chronicle had left the audience physically stirred, Dark Meadow was ruminative.
The bitingly sarcastic undertone that animated much of Rushdie's earlier work has been replaced by a more ruminative voice, a tenderness that perhaps comes with age or suffering.
The most powerful moment of The Archivist is a resurrection of sorts: the book shifts dramatically from secondary to primary sources, from Matt's ruminative retrospective to the anguished present tense of the journal Judith herself wrote in an asylum.
William Keough offers a shrewdly ruminative analysis of the interplays and overlaps of 'old' Ireland and its 'new' incarnation across the water in the novels of three Irish-American stalwarts: Edwin O'Connor, Mary Gordon, and William Kennedy.
The poems are intensely voiced: the reader becomes a kind of privileged eavesdropper on Rollings's ruminative and exacting addresses - whether to herself, a lover, or another evanescent "you" who serves to anchor a particular drama of consciousness or remembrance.
His finest works include Bruges-la-Morte (1892; "Bruges, the Dead City"), a nostalgic novel evoking the landscape of Flanders, and Les Vies encloses (1896; "The Enclosed Lives"), moody, ruminative poems evoking the interior landscape of a self-absorbed mind.
Maiorino's is a wide-ranging speculative - often ruminative - assesment of Leonardo's lifework and of the implications of his work and image.