rumination disorder

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1. in ruminants, the casting up of food out of the rumen and chewing of it a second time.
2. in humans, the regurgitation of food after almost every meal, part of it being vomited and the rest swallowed; this is sometimes seen in infants (rumination disorder of infancy) and in individuals with mental retardation.
3. persistent meditation on a subject, particularly thinking about and reviewing one's past.
rumination disorder an eating disorder seen in infants under one year of age; after a period of normal eating habits, the child begins excessive regurgitation and rechewing of food, which is then ejected from the mouth or reswallowed; if untreated, death from malnutrition may occur.
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ru·mi·na·tion dis·or·der

1. a mental disorder occurring in infancy characterized by repeated regurgitation of food, usually accompanied by weight loss or failure to gain weight.
2. a DSM diagnosis that is established when the specified criteria are met.
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