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[ro̅o̅′gə] pl. rugae
Etymology: L, ridge
a ridge or fold, such as the rugae of the stomach, which are large folds in the mucous membrane of that organ.
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(roo'ga) plural.rugae [L.]
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RUGAE: Rugae of stomach as seen through an endoscope
A fold or crease, esp. one of the folds of mucous membrane on the internal surface of the stomach. See: illustration

palatal ruga

One of the folds of the mucous membrane of the roof of the mouth. Synonym: palatine ruga

palatine ruga

Palatal ruga.

ruga of vagina

One of the small ridges on the inner surface of the vagina extending laterally and upward from the columna rugarum (long ridges on the anterior and posterior walls).


Folds, wrinkles or creases, as in the skin of the scrotum.
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The authors determined the number and type of rugae before and after surgical repair of the cleft palate.
Differences in the palatal rugae shape in two populations of India.
bands that look darker by having green rugae on a black background.
The use of palatal rugae was suggested as one of the method of identification in 1889 by Harrison Allen.
Side effects of hCG may include increased scrotal rugae and pigmentation of skin, and increased pubic hair growth and penile growth, with high doses (more than 15000 IU) inducing epiphyseal plate fusion and retarding future somatic growth.
The dorsal nasal turbinate was the longest and extended from level of third transverse rugae of hard palate to level of cribriform plate of ethmoid bone and it continued rostrally as straight fold.
The loss of superficial epithelial cells in the GU tract causes a thinning of tissue, a loss of vaginal elasticity and rugae, and a narrowing and shortening of the vagina (Abernathy, 2015; Hess et al.
Head: supraclypeal area smooth, frons to vertex with fine, irregular but continuous carinae, in frontal view those in median third parallel, those in lateral areas diverging posteriorly; in lateral view eye about half the length of the distance between the eye and mandibular insertion, eye with 12 facets, area between eye and mandibular insertion without distinct carinae or rugae.
Although DNA comparisons and finger print analyses are common techniques which are employed to ensure fast and secure identifications, there are certain crime scenarios where other supplemental aids like lip prints, palatal rugae pattern, bite marks etc.
Swelling was noted extending anteriorly from palatal rugae and posteriorly upto the maxillary tuberosity of size 5x6 cm (figure 2) and laterally obliterating the buccal vestibule in relation to 25,26,27 region.