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Having a reddish complexion and red hair.
Synonym(s): erythristic
[L. rufus, reddish]
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Relating to or marked by erythrism; having a ruddy complexion and reddish hair.
Synonym(s): rufous.
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(roo′fŭs) [L. rufus, red]
Ruddy; having a ruddy complexion and reddish hair.
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The WBC counts of Tarictic hornbill, Rufous hornbill, and Palawan hornbill are 18.78 x [10.sup.3] cells/[mm.sup.3] [+ or -] 3.42, 16.74 x [10.sup.3] cells/[mm.sup.3] [+ or -] 2.56, and 15.67 x [10.sup.3] cells/[mm.sup.3], respectively, which is within the range of the values from Fowler and Miller.
pertusicossis Fiedler, 1944 from Colombia by its rufous body, rostrum slightly curved, scutellum rhombic and apex of elytra not rounded.
temminckii Burmeister, 1854, which is relatively common and occurs in Colombia, Venezuela, and Guyana in the north to Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil in the south (Simmons 2005; Eger 2008); and the rufous dog-faced bat M.
SCIENCE: Other animals described as rufous: the great rufous woodcreeper (South America), the rufous hummingbird (North America), the rufous owl (Australia), and the rufous hare-wallaby (Australia).
Richards JD (2012) Rufous hare-wallaby (Lagorchestes hirsutus) National Recovery Plan.
Ventral forewing: ground color dark brown, rufous brown from apex to discal cell end, and Cu[A.sub.2]; spots as in dorsal surface, except by the spot in Cu[A.sub.2]-2A, which is whitish, and a submarginal wide, bright yellowish and contiguous band from apex to [M.sub.3], fused with the 2 submarginal hyaline spots in [M.sub.1]-[M.sub.3]; costal area from base to Sc end yellowish; fringe dark rufous brown, whitish at the center of the space Cu[A.sub.2]-2A.
Google's animated Earth Day 2014 doodle feature creatures like Moon jellyfish, puffer fish, dung beetle, veiled chameleon, Japanese macaque, and the rufous hummingbird.
The Doodle begins with the Rufous hummingbird hovering over flowers and with mouse-over gesture, a text "The Rufous Hummingbird wishes you a happy Earth Day 2014!" shows up.
The doddle features a fluttering Rufous Hummingbird hovering over two flowers that make up the double-o in 'Google and when it is clicked and later changes to a hardworking dung-beetle rolling a manure ball around five times its size, the Daily Express reported.
OCA3 (also known as rufous OCA) results from autosomal recessive mutations at the TYRP1 locus, at least in patients of African descent.
One such preening creature (avian not human) is the subject of Cardiff International Poetry Competition winner Mark Tredinnick's poem, Rufous Fantail.