acid fuchsin

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any of several red to purple dyes, sometimes specifically basic fuchsin.
acid fuchsin a mixture of sulfonated fuchsins; used in various complex stains.
basic fuchsin a histologic stain, containing predominantly pararosaniline and rosaniline.

ac·id fuch·sin

[C.I. 42685]
a mixture of the sodium salts, bi- and trisulfonic acids of rosanilin and pararosanilin; used as an indicator dye and for staining of cytoplasm and collagen.
Synonym(s): rubin S, rubine

ac·id fuch·sin

(as'id fūk'sin)
[CI 42685] A mixture of sulfonated salts of rosanilin and pararosanilin; used as an indicator dye and for staining of cytoplasm and collagen.
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