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A site where solid non-hazardous municipal waste is disposed
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Disputes over rubbish dumps around Naples have raged for years,but this disruption was felt around the nation Thousands of passengers suffered hours on stuffy trains this weekend.
Is this now what our council think of us, a rubbish dump for Merseyside and a site that Tesco can do whatever they see fit, ignoring residents, local traders and the results of a public inquiry?
It turned out to be a rubbish dump just outside Croydon.
The money will be used to finance a project at Gbedjromede in Benin, which involves building a safety wall around a school, clearing the area of shrub and disposing of a rubbish dump next door.
The play follows the bleak existence of Kath,her brother Ed and father Kemp who live in a house in the centre of a rubbish dump. But their lives are turned upside down when their new lodger Mr Sloane arrives.
Secret cameras are being used to help catch fly-tippers who are using Birmingham's streets as a rubbish dump.
MORE than 100 people - many of them children - are now believed to have died in the Philippines rubbish dump landslide.
A VILLA-mad Birmingham councillor who posted a message on the internet describing St Andrew's as 'a rubbish dump' has defended it as a joke.
RESIDENTS of the villages neighbouring the Marathounda rubbish dump in Yeroskipou are up in arms over continuing sleepless nights caused by thick smoke belching out of fires burning at the tip.
Spokeswoman Bonny Hall said: "Customers can have it recycled without the inconvenience or embarrassment of taking a used sex toy to a local council rubbish dump or putting it out for the binmen."