rubber nose

rubber jaw, rubber nose

see renal secondary hyperparathyroidism.
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SARAH Harding was lashed by some viewers for her recent stint on Coronation Street - but you wouldn't want to rubber nose in it when she's dressed like this.
Let's change the image of Japanese people," One of them said, "Sure," the other replied, who is wearing a blonde wig and an improbably long rubber nose.
Sure," replies the other, who is now wearing a blonde wig and an improbably long rubber nose.
But as if the rubber nose wasn't bad enough, the American superstar popped a baseball cap with ears on top of her OTT wig, presumably to finish off the outlandish outfit.
The company's sports-oriented Active Series features lightweight, comfortable frames with rubber nose and temple grips for a secure fit during high-action, high-sweat activities.
Nixon "HANG on, isn't that Tony Hopkins, right, with a funny rubber nose and Bugs Bunny teeth?
A number of rubber nose pieces are included to suit various facial shapes so you can wear the glasses in comfort.
And if anyone turns up without a green rubber nose, they're not coming in.
The game involved throwing darts with a rubber nose over the point through holes in a wooden target.
There's a black wig and two steel arms whose ends is shaped like fishhooks and a red rubber nose clowns and such wear and two rubber ears.
The glasses have mono-lens construction, with wraparound lens, rubber-tipped temples and a soft rubber nose bridge.