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n an apparatus or instrument that is used to hold something.
film holder, precision,
n a stainless steel device used to hold the film firmly in place during a dental radiographic procedure, which provides the rectangular collimation necessary for the paralleling technique.
film holder, Rinn X-C-P,
n a name brand reusable film-positioning device with aiming capability made from a combination of plastic and stainless steel that is especially suited to the paralleling technique.
Ilm holder, Stabe,
n.pr a name brand disposable film-positioning device made from styrofoam that is especially suited to the paralleling or bisecting angle techniques.
holder, broach,
holder, clamp,
n See holder, rubber dam clamp.
holder, matrix,
holder, rubber dam,
n an apparatus used to hold a rubber dam in place on the face and to secure the edges of the dam clear of the field of operation.
holder, rubber dam clamp (clamp holder),