rubber cup polishing

rub·ber cup pol·ish·ing

(rŭbĕr kŭp polish-ing)
Technique that uses an abrasive polishing agent and a slowly revolving polishing cup to abrade stain from the surfaces.
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(3) One recent study showed that glycine air polishing could save half the treatment time and double the patient's comfort compared to power scaling and rubber cup polishing. (12)
These included brushing with the patient's own toothbrush, brushing with an office denture brush utilized on all patients' prostheses, hand scaling, spraying with a disinfectant, rubber cup polishing, rinsing with water, storing in mouthwash, or dry storage.
Because polishing with a rubber cup and prophylaxis paste has been shown to remove the fluoride rich layer of enamel and cause marked loss of cementum and dentin over time, this method of stain removal has been challenged.[16-19] Rubber cup polishing with prophylaxis pastes, therefore, may not be a suitable method for moderate-to-heavy stain removal on enamel, cementum, or dentin.
[8.] DeSpain B, Noble R: Comparison of rubber cup polishing and air polishing on stain, plaque, calculus, and gingiva (abstract).