rubber cup polishing

rub·ber cup pol·ish·ing

(rŭbĕr kŭp polish-ing)
Technique that uses an abrasive polishing agent and a slowly revolving polishing cup to abrade stain from the surfaces.
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These included brushing with the patient's own toothbrush, brushing with an office denture brush utilized on all patients' prostheses, hand scaling, spraying with a disinfectant, rubber cup polishing, rinsing with water, storing in mouthwash, or dry storage.
16-19] Rubber cup polishing with prophylaxis pastes, therefore, may not be a suitable method for moderate-to-heavy stain removal on enamel, cementum, or dentin.
DeSpain B, Noble R: Comparison of rubber cup polishing and air polishing on stain, plaque, calculus, and gingiva (abstract).