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Rub elbows w/the elite society of Palm Beach Island while enjoying business ownership.
The winner and his or her family will travel to Toronto for this annual puckfest and also rub elbows with some of the greatest names in the NHL.
We have created an comfortable, learning environment at LiveLinkUp, where users, experts and industry leaders rub elbows and share experience.
PHOTO (Color) Renaissance Fairegoers will rub elbows with Queen Elizabeth I and her courtiers.
Anyone who wants to rub elbows with Krayzelburg better be prepared to move fast.
Rub elbows with top music execs and personalities and learn the ins and outs of the music biz.
Her work, in the exhibitions department of a cultural foundation, has enabled residents to rub elbows with a royal who strolls about in sports clothes, lives in an unremarkable apartment and even shops like anyone else - except for the security agents trailing behind.
Viewers can rub elbows with celebs like Sean Penn, Jeremy Irons, Jonathan Demme, Kristin Scott Thomas, Mira Sorvino and Gregory Peck as they flock to the gala ceremonies and pose for the paparazzi, beginning Wednesday, May 10 at 1:30 PM/ET (encore broadcast at 8:00PM/ET) with IFC's live, exclusive broadcast of the Opening Ceremony.
They get to run on an indoor track, which is exciting, and rub elbows with the greatest athletes in the sport.