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1. A regularly performed behavioral sequence.
2. A standard method of completing a procedure, based on rules or habit. In occupational therapy a customary morning routine might include toileting, bathing, grooming, dressing, eating breakfast, and reading the newspaper.
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Q. Why is Colonoscopy Important? I am 60 years old and my doctor recommended that I would do a colonoscopy. She said it is because it's important to do this routinely at this age. Why is it so important?

A. Colonoscopy is a procedure that enables an examiner (usually a gastroenterologist) to evaluate the appearance of the inside of the colon (large bowel). This is accomplished by inserting a flexible tube that is about the thickness of a finger into the anus, and then advancing it slowly, under visual control, into the rectum and through the colon. It is performed with the visual control of either looking through the instrument or with viewing a TV monitor.

This test may be done for a variety of reasons. Most often it is done to investigate the finding of blood in the stool, abdominal pain, diarrhea, a change in the bowel habits, or an abnormality found on colon x- ray or a CT scan. Certain individuals with previous history of polyps or colon cancer and certain individuals with family history of particular malignancies or colon problems may be advised to have periodic colonoscopies because they are at a greater risk of polyps or colon cancer. Hope this helps.

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To-do lists help remind you of what the routine should include, but they also bring accountability, sitting there in front of you, urging you to check the items off.
He said that in fiscal year 2015-16,a total of Rs 13,719.006 million were spent on maintenance out of which Rs 889.469 million were spent on rehabilitation ,Rs 10,371.000 million on periodic maintenance, Rs 2,458.537 million on routine maintenance.
Of course, you had a routine and habits before the death, but new habits and routine can be cultivated.
Each other will also be dancing a routine with either an all-star or a former contestant on the show.
But, now the health department was discarding the term 'routine' for further use and therefore term 'essential' immunisation henceforth would be used as a nomenclature for all purposes, including documents, usage in communication and emphasis through social mobilisation and communication.
Everyone had a really great time and enjoyed learning the contemporary routine. Thank you Geoff!
In order to analyse whether the type of pragmatic routine determines the learners' gains in recognition listed above, a distinction is made between situational and functional routines.
Today, as I involve myself with more routine work, I realise what they offer.
"Despite the fear of missing an occasional markedly elevated glucose level, clinicians gradually grew comfortable and never reconsidered reinstitution of routine glucometer readings," Dr.
"Strengthening of routine immunization will be one of the main agenda in upcoming PM Focus Group Meeting" the minister said while addressing the participants of Inter-agency Coordination Committee (ICC) meeting.
An outstanding final routine helped her to pick up two places and win the bronze medal.
The second line, the one of Practice, focuses on the internal dynamics of ORs, on their different parts and interconnections (Parmigiani & Howard-Grenville, 2011), on the practice of routines, on how they operate and on how they are reproduced or changed according to how people enact them in the daily routine of organizations (Feldman, 2000; Feldman & Pentland, 2003; Pentland & Feldman, 2008).