Rough Trade

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(1) Violent, often brutal sex acts.
(2) A person, especially a male prostitute, who engages in or appears likely to engage in such acts.
(3) A tough or violent, casual sexual partner, especially, a lorry/truck driver, construction worker, or docker
(4) A tough, supermasculine appearance of normally heterosexual males seeking an occasional homosexual experience
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I'm also looking forward to playing at Rough Trade East, it's going to be loud and hot
Rough Trade is a United Kingdom-based label founded as a do-it-yourself project in 1978.
I can reveal the singer has been locked in top secret talks with his old record label Rough Trade about doing a solo album.
lang and Melissa Etheridge are given credit in the liner notes, which also thank acts like Rough Trade, Fifth Column, Indigo Girls, Tracy Chapman and others for inspiration.
Of that period, the artist Clark most resembles is Cindy Sherman, using masculinities (mostly boy flesh) instead of makeup and costumes, cruising culture's rough trade for identificatory material to figure out the self and its mutations.
Senator Heffernan alleged that the judge "regularly trawled for rough trade at the Darlinghurst Wall" and stated, "I also have in my possession Comcar driver records which document this same judge using this taxpayer funded service on a regular basis to pick up from an address known to the police as Clapton Place -- adjacent to King's Cross -- a young male and accompany him to the judge's home address.
With a critically acclaimed debut album on Rough Trade, a string of global gigs and highprofile fans such as Radiohead's Thom Yorke, Girl Band could be forgiven for being slightly smug.
Fellow Heavenly band Hooton Tennis Club played five gigs including the NME and Rough Trade gigs, while finding time to stop off at the original Ghostbusters Fire Station.
The six-piece have released seven albums since 2003 and are currently the longest-serving act signed to Rough Trade Records.
Palma Violets - Samuel Thomas Fryer (vocals, guitar), Alexander 'Chilli' Jesson (vocals, bass), Jeffrey Peter Mayhew (keyboards) and William Martin Doyle (drums) - hail from Lambeth and built up a healthy on-line audience before Rough Trade decided that they were worth adding to a stable that includes the likes of The Strokes and The Libertines.