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Arturo B., 20th-century Philippine internist. See: Rotor syndrome.
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All elements of the rotor, which will not be used in the modernized rotor should be scrapped and recovery included in the cost of modernization.
The major diameter of one rotor interacts with the minor diameter of the opposing rotor, and this dictates that the rotors be run at even speed.
While the Revolution Rotor weighs some 15 percent to 20 percent more than its disc counterpart, it also feeds as aggressively as a spider model.
A project testing the suitability of the copper rotor technology upgrade for motors used for water pumping in agriculture was carried out by a cluster of motor and pump manufacturers.
Nobue explains to us that this and all the other devices only use electrical power for the two electromagnetic stators at either side of each rotor, which are used to kick the rotor past its lockup point then on to the next arc of magnets.
Global Wind Turbine Rotor Blades Market analysis report gives an in-depth analysis of the global turbine rotor blades market and provides forecasts up to 2015.
Meanwhile the conditions have changed in favour of the rotor star assembly , Sunier explained.
Rotor speed is crucial to the success of the operation and control is provided by variable speed motors, enabling process engineers to determine the rotor speed that suits their product - or products - best.
The 16 liter mixer is driven by a 250 horsepower DC motor, allowing variable rotor speeds from 0-120 rpm.
Staggered rotor provides more cuts per revolutions, which helps reduce jams or shearing of material.
According to Ken Ceuvorst, Bowe's director of engineering, the company is no longer bound by exclusivity agreements with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and is now offering disc and spider rotors for shredders of all makes and models directly to metal processors as well as to OEMs whose customers request a Bowe rotor in their new shredding plants.
Crews, don't leave your AH-64's environmental control system (ECS) covers half secured or you'll lose them to aircraft rotor wash.