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ro·ta·tor mus·cle

1. one of the rotatores (muscles);
2. muscle that produces a rotation, alone or in concert with other rotators, around an axis, for example, rotator muscles of vertebral column.
Synonym(s): musculus rotator [TA], rotator

ro·ta·to·res (mus·cles)

deepest of the three layers of transversospinalis muscles, chiefly developed in the thoracic region; they arise from the transverse process of one vertebra and are inserted into the root of the spinous process of the next two or three vertebrae above; action, traditionally described as a column, it is more likely that these muscles, provided with a very high density of muscle spindles, are organs of proprioception; nerve supply, dorsal primary rami of the spinal nerves.
Synonym(s): musculi rotatores [TA]
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1. One that rotates.
2. pl. rotatores (rō′tə-tôr′ēz) Anatomy A muscle that serves to rotate a part of the body.
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A muscle by which a part can be turned circularly.
See also: rotation
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There were no statistically significant bilateral differences found for either concentric (p = 1.103; p = 0.081) or eccentric peak torque values (p = 1.199; p = 0.207) for the internal and external shoulder rotators respectively.
Whatever it is convex or concave, the biggest commonality of two kinds of parabolic rotators is that they have similar curved surfaces, that is, the revolutionary paraboloid.
Tighten your core and external rotators while slowly extending the right leg into a slightly turned-out 45-degree arabesque, then return to parallel and lower the leg.
The treatment of degenerative and traumatic shoulder arthritis in the setting of a functional rotator cuff has been well addressed with the use of an anatomical, non-constrained total shoulder arthroplasty.
Shin-Etsu Chemical, by developing its own original LPE method that does not use lead oxide at all, succeeded in developing for the first time in the world the technology to grow rare-earth iron garnet crystals with a thickness of several hundred microns and reduce to zero ppm the amount of lead in Faraday rotators, which are a key component part of optical isolators.
Rotor rotators are used both in log and cant rotation.
Recently, Tony and Chris of CTC took delivery of their new Engcon Tilt Rotator from HCM.
Since U is a product of rotators, the transformation from B to [U.sup.T] BU can be effected by applying the rotators one after another.
Conversely, the shoulder's external rotators are often neglected in strength programs.
The rotators are available in open and totally enclosed versions designed for systems operating in harsh environments or where contamination is a major concern, the company said.
Compared to conventional rotators, the Latching Faraday Rotator is smaller and cheaper and has reduced thermal mass and improved design flexibility.