rotator cuff tendinitis

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shoulder impingement syndrome

A pain syndrome caused by abrasion of the posterior glenoid rim and the inner rotator cuff (RC), which, with time, is accompanied by bursitis and tendinitis. 

Clinical findings
Posterosuperior impingement affecting the articular surface of RC, which occurs in athletes who have extensive overhead activities (e.g., baseball pitchers) with the joint in extension, abduction and external rotation.

Physical exam (e.g., testing of range of motion), bone spurs by imaging.

NSAIDs, stretching in a hot shower, steroid injections.

rotator cuff tendinitis

A common cause of shoulder pain, thought to be due to inflammation of the intrinsic tendons of the shoulder, esp. that of the supraspinatus. The onset usually follows injury or overuse during activities involving repeated overhead arm motions, as occurs in certain occupations (such as construction, painting) and sports (such as baseball, tennis, swimming).


People over 40 are particularly susceptible because of decreased vascular supply to the rotator cuff tendons. Those who perform repeated overhead motions are also at risk.


The patient will describe pain with overhead arm motion; on examination, the extremity may be postured for comfort; muscle strength and tone of the scapular muscles may be decreased.


Conservative treatment consists of the use of moist heat and strengthening and range-of-motion exercises; if the patient does not respond to these treatment methods and loss of function is present, corticosteroid injections may be helpful. Surgery to resect the coracoacromial ligament may be indicated in persons who fail other therapies.

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