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ro·ta·tor mus·cle

1. one of the rotatores (muscles);
2. muscle that produces a rotation, alone or in concert with other rotators, around an axis, for example, rotator muscles of vertebral column.
Synonym(s): musculus rotator [TA], rotator

ro·ta·to·res (mus·cles)

deepest of the three layers of transversospinalis muscles, chiefly developed in the thoracic region; they arise from the transverse process of one vertebra and are inserted into the root of the spinous process of the next two or three vertebrae above; action, traditionally described as a column, it is more likely that these muscles, provided with a very high density of muscle spindles, are organs of proprioception; nerve supply, dorsal primary rami of the spinal nerves.
Synonym(s): musculi rotatores [TA]
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1. One that rotates.
2. pl. rotatores (rō′tə-tôr′ēz) Anatomy A muscle that serves to rotate a part of the body.
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A muscle by which a part can be turned circularly.
See also: rotation
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