rotation therapy

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ro·ta·tion ther·a·py

teletherapy in which a desirable radiation dose distribution is achieved by rotating the patient or machine about an axis passing through the center of the tumor.
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In general, acute lateral rotation therapy may be best suited to unconscious or sedated patients.
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11:00 ANTIMICROBIAL EFFECTS OF HEN EGG ROTATION AND ITS IMPLICATION ON THE BENEFICIAL EFFECTS OF CONTINUOUS LATERAL ROTATION THERAPY **, Chris Wallace * (1), Chanel French, Army Lester (1) and Virlin Lester (2), [.sup.1]Kennesaw State University, Kennesaw, GA 30144 and (2) [.sup.2]SHEAR, Riverdale, GA 30296.
There have been numerous studies examining the benefits of continuous lateral rotation therapy. Although the studies have small sample sizes and some methodological difficulties, most studies have reached similar conclusions.