rotating anode tube

ro·tat·ing an·ode tube

a modern x-ray tube, in which heat buildup is distributed through a larger volume by rotating the target.
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Limited Tenders are invited for Pvms 250104 apparatus x-ray radiographic 200ma at 125kv with 10 kw output, rotating anode tube head and one manually tiltable table with bucjey and moving grid and one mechanical collimator operable in three phase on 400-440 volts, ac 50 hz
In 1914, two independent researchers in the United States and Germany applied for patents for a rotating anode tube. In 1915, William Coolidge patented a tube in which the electron beam was held in place by a magnetic field while the entire tube was rotated.[13] It was not until 1929, however, that Philips designed the first commercially available rotating anode tube.
The rotating anode tube should be mounted variably come in a large 6-circle diffractometer for use and.