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1. pertaining to, resembling, or having a rostrum or beak.
2. situated toward a rostrum (oral and nasal region). In humans this may mean superior (in relationships of areas of the spinal cord) or anterior (in relationships of brain areas).
rostral spread the distribution of a narcotic within the cerebrospinal fluid during epidural administration; it is determined by fat and water solubility properties of the narcotic.
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(ros'trăl), [TA]
1. Relating to any rostrum or anatomic structure resembling a beak.
2. At the head end.
Synonym(s): rostralis [TA]
[L. rostralis, fr. rostrum, beak]
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(rŏs′trəl, rô′strəl)
1. Anatomy At, near, or toward the head, especially the front of the head: the rostral prefrontal cortex.
2. Of or relating to a rostrum.

ros′tral·ly adv.
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(ros'trăl) [TA]
Relating to any rostrum or anatomic structure resembling a beak.
[L. rostralis, fr. rostrum, beak]
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Q. I need help with a delicate topic. My neice was diagnoised with Cranial Transannular Where he forehead was once as normal, now it has a forming point in the center to make it look as though her skull is shrinking inward. Please anyone help with any information you may have

A. your question troubled me... from what i know of bone development - what you say can very much happen but i never heard of a case like that.and i looked a bit about maybe some information about it, but i'm pretty sure that the name you gave is not the disease that she has, it's just a description. Cranial means skull, Trans means cross over and Annular means ring. but if you'll find the right name, or if it is really the real name, here is a bit of places you might find information-

Q. Is there any problem, if an arachnoid cyst ,2cmx1.5cm size, rostral to cerebellar region left untreated? symptoms: repeated headaches, twitching of muscles, tiredness

A. An arachnoid cyst that leads to symptoms usually needs treatment. Mild symptoms as you suggested are ok to left untreated however gradual onset of new symptoms may arise such as seizures, paralysis and other complications, therefore once symptoms occur one should consider treatment.

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The brain of the camel received its arterial blood supply from the basilar artery and the intracranial part of internal carotid artery, also known as cerebral carotid artery (Ocal et al.), which was represented by the rostral epidural rete mirabile (Fig.
11 - 15) has got a rostral expansion that widens rostro-dorsally, articulates with the palatine dorsolaterocaudally by a structure named pes pterygoidei, observed in all the species studied.
There are differences in the proportions and ornamentation of the rostral and posterodorsal spines, differences in number, orientation and size of spinules, and differences in telson spines than they appeared in zoea I and II (Wehrtmann et al., 1996).
Interfragmentat fixation of rostral mandibular fracture with cerclage wire in a thoroughbred English horse.
In this case, the patient was nonoperable as the expansive rostral mass on the mandible extended to the frenulum of the tongue, making complete surgery excision with clean margins impossible without the involvement of the tongue.
The distances between the front edge of the most rostral cyst (if there was more than one) and any axons observed alongside or caudal to the cyst were measured using the NIS elements BR 4.5 software.
Each element has three rostral ridges at the late stages of ontogeny.
In addition, the researchers found that brain cells in the protected, caudal portion of the brain have a less toxic response to A[beta] than their rostral counterparts.
A significant reduction in cortical thickness on right rostral cingulate, right and left middle frontal gyrus, left superior frontal, left lingual were observed in PTSD group in comparison to controls survived Monte Carlo null-Z correction for multiple comparisons at p < 0.05.
A five day old male crossbred calf was presented with history of traction during its calving with clinical signs of protrusion of tongue, unable to suckle milk from mother and hanging part in rostral part of mouth (Fig.
Re-routing of the FN in rostral and dorsal directions was required during the drill-out of poorly pneumatized bullas.