rosette-forming cells

ro·sette-·form·ing cells

term usually used for T lymphocytes with an affinity for sheep erythrocytes; when suspended in serum, they bind the uncoated, nonsensitized erythrocytes in a rosette formation.
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Erythrocyte rosette-forming cells around which the formation of a cluster (rosette) of cells consisting of more than 3 sheep erythrocytes were counted.
Both the spindle cells and the rosette-forming cells stained for vimentin.
Reinforcing the neuroendocrine phenotype of these cells, we show that protein gene product 9.5 also is present in the rosette-forming cells. Protein gene product 9.5 was originally isolated from brain and is present in neuroendocrine cells.[5] No immunostaining with neuroendocrine markers was seen in the spindle areas where cells stained only for vimentin, collagen IV, factor XIII, and HAM56.