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Edmund, German physician, 1836-1914. See: Rose position.


Harry M., 20th-century U.S. microbiologist. See: Rose-Waaler test.


1. Any shrub of the genus Rosa.
2. The petals of Rosa gallica, collected before expanding; used for its agreeable odor.
[L. rosa]


An NHS-sponsored website designed to help and support refugee and overseas-qualified health professionals who have settled in the UK return to work in the health sector.
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The consumption of rose wine typically spikes around Memorial Day, and is considered a favorite wine to enjoy outdoors in the summer months.
There will be no changes to the rules on producing rose wine," said Agriculture Commissioner Mariann Fischer Boel, after having been adamant about this liberalisation of wine-producing practices for months.
In a bid to make the brand more accessible, it has introduced clearer packaging and recently launched a 'recession-busting' Selection range, featuring a red, white and rose wine.
The color of rose wines vary from light red to pink, and the wine can be bone dry or sweet.
The well-lubricated crowd sipped pink cosmopolitans, rose wine and watermelon Pucker shots while dining on tidbits of foie gras, pate, dungeoness crab cakes, and prime rib and watching two Cirque du Soliel acrobats twist themselves into clearly uncomfortable positions; if they all hadn't gathered for such a serious cause as eradicating breast cancer, one might get the impression that everyone was having way too much fun.
Schilcher wine is a low alcohol rose wine from western Styria, Austria.
Here are some tasty ideas: 1 x 26g bar Curly Wurly 1 x 18g bar Cadbury's Freddo 5 x marshmallows 25g Haribo Happy Cherries sweets 1 x 27g Mr Kipling Lemon Slice 1 x 38g Marks and Spencer Count on Us Caramel Cake Slice 1 x serving of Apple Betty (see recipe, left) 22g bag Walker's French Fries, any variety 25g bag Jacob's Mini Cheddars, Original 35ml gin and low-calorie/sugar-free mixer 125ml dry white, red or rose wine For more treats and recipe ideas go to slimmingworld.
The other man took two bottles of rose wine from the shelf and left without paying.
Pink roses, camellias or lilies have a warmth of affection in themselves, and so does a bottle of rose wine to match the glowing colour of the flowers.
Pitt and Jolie partnered with the Perrin family of vintners to create and market the 100,000 bottles of rose wine that will be sold to independent wine stores and restaurants.
Luc Belaire has introduced a new sparkling rose wine, handcrafted from a blend of grenache, cinsault and syrah grapes from the south of France.