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Edmund, German physician, 1836-1914. See: Rose position.


Harry M., 20th-century U.S. microbiologist. See: Rose-Waaler test.


1. Any shrub of the genus Rosa.
2. The petals of Rosa gallica, collected before expanding; used for its agreeable odor.
[L. rosa]


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It is quite full-bodied for a rose wine, and certainly can be served throughout dinner.
The color of rose wines vary from light red to pink, and the wine can be bone dry or sweet.
The other man took two bottles of rose wine from the shelf and left without paying.
The main course of trout plucked from that very stream was excellent, and our glasses were kept filled with the delicious rose wine produced in vineyards all around us.
Pink roses, camellias or lilies have a warmth of affection in themselves, and so does a bottle of rose wine to match the glowing colour of the flowers.
Pitt and Jolie partnered with the Perrin family of vintners to create and market the 100,000 bottles of rose wine that will be sold to independent wine stores and restaurants.
Luc Belaire has introduced a new sparkling rose wine, handcrafted from a blend of grenache, cinsault and syrah grapes from the south of France.
The Co-Op Valentine's Deal, PS10 Main, side and pud for two, plus wine* or soft drink Try beef bourgignon and mash, green veg medley, two cheesecakes and Prince de Sabatier sparkling rose wine, all worth PS20.
But rose wine is my favourite for all summer fruits and it has become the most popular wine at all al fresco events, let alone wine bars and pub gardens.
Diners have a choice of starters - spinach, ricotta and saffron ravioli with tomato reduction or fresh clams and mussels in white wine with fregola pasta - accompanied by a Sardinian white or rose wine.
Revellers will be able to choose from a selection of drinks including rose wine, with 5p from every glass sold going to the charity Against Breast Cancer.
SALES of rose wine are soaring thanks to MEN switching to the fruity tipple.