Rose Window

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Circular pores or fenestrations with wedge-shaped slits covered by a thin diaphragm, located in the capillary walls of endocrine glands—e.g., pancreatic islet cells—which may be seen by electron microscopy and freeze fracturing techniques
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In describing solidarity and the call to be one human family, Jesuit Father Greg Boyle asks us to "imagine a circle of kinship and now imagine no one is outside of that circle." Reflecting on the rose window with its intricate unity in diversity leads me to the immanence of God in the incarnation and today, to the vulnerability of migrants so often left out of that circle.
Notre-Dame's famed stained-glass rose windows and most of its many religious relics appeared to have escaped the worst of Monday's inferno as well, easing fears for the fate of the vast trove of artworks in the 800-year-old gothic cathedral.
Later, he developed photographic evidence of charged ions creating the honeycomb, and published his research titled, 'The Electric Honeycomb: An Investigation of the Rose Window Instability Work' in the Royal Society Open Science - an esteemed science journal.
To tie the church into its surrounding context, outside on the plaza a round pattern of light echoes the rose window, creating the illusion that light is coming from inside and spilling on the ground below.
There are two primary designs in Dream Catchers and both are great examples of radiating symmetry: one is reminiscent of the rose windows in Gothic cathedrals; the other is like a spider web.
The front gabled facade is dominated by a compound arched and recessed entry and highlighted by a rose window. Tiles by Pewabic Pottery decorate the floor.
Headly Headly Headly Headly Headly Headly Headly Headly Headly Headly Headly Headly Headly The interior is notable for the slender columns that support one of the biggest Gothic structures in Europe; for a vast stained-glass rose window; and for Antonio Gaud's wrought-iron canopy symbolising the Crown of Thorns, suspended above the altar and looking like a giant Christmas decoration.
Another example is the rose Window of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.
Anglican Bishop Victoria Matthews said Christchurch Cathedral has sustained significant new damage, with the famous rose window and most of the western wall lost.
The famous 'Rose Window', situated in the south transept provides an excellent roosting spot for pigeons and, along with the surrounding stonework, is also susceptible to damage from what pigeons usually leave behind!
Alban's church, Adolphustown, Ont., (diocese of Ontario) commissioned a so-called "rose window" from Robert McCausland Ltd.