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Henry E., British chemist, 1833-1915. See: Bunsen-Roscoe law.
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Roscoe Sherriff is crazy about animals as aids to advertisement.
I told him that he ought to think himself lucky it wasn't anything worse than a monkey and a snake, for the last person Roscoe Sherriff handled, an emotional actress named Devenish, had to keep a young puma.
The dwelling was known as the Roscoe house, a family of that name having lived there for some years, and then, one by one, disappeared, the last to leave being an old woman.
THE GUARDIAN; THE TATLER; Richardson's PAMELA; Mackenzie's MAN OF FEELING; Roscoe's LORENZO DE MEDICI; and Robertson's CHARLES THE FIFTH--all classical works; all (of course) immeasurably superior to anything produced in later times; and all (from my present point of view) possessing the one great merit of enchaining nobody's interest, and exciting nobody's brain.
Family, friends and colleagues have been so touched by Otis's story that the Roscoes are already close to their [pounds sterling]2,500 target.
Jonathan and Danielle Roscoe, both 33, will be joined by little Otis and about 30 family members and friends this Saturday (May 19).
Chicago, IL, November 27, 2015 --( Nexus Radio ( and Roscoe's Tavern ( Welcomes DaBuzz Chicago this December 6th to perform during Roscoe's Tavern's XYZ Party.
And the Roscoes are the centre of attention this week, with secrets and lies threatening to be outed.
"There is never a dull moment when the Roscoes are around!" Gillian's character Sandy is a strong single mum who has her work cut out holding down a job as a district nurse and keeping her five sons in check.
CH4 HOLLYOAKS SANDY Roscoe is back in the village, over the moon at seeing her grandson for the first time.
Among the library's 60,000 volumes is the splendid Roscoe Collection.
LIVERPOOL'S Roscoe Recording Studios have teamed up with Youth Music to deliver a ground breaking music development programme The Roscoe Project - for young people across Merseyside.