rosary pea

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rosary pea

A tropical woody vine (Abrus precatorius) widely naturalized in Florida, having small hard poisonous seeds that are scarlet with a black spot and are used as beads. Also called jequirity bean.


a structure resembling a string of beads.

rosary pea
see abrusprecatorius.
rachitic rosary
a succession of beadlike prominences along the costal cartilages, in rickets; caused by compression of metaphyses under pressure.
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Extracting abrin from rosary pea seeds and processing into a powder that can then be used to contaminate food or water does not require great expertise in chemistry.
Dimethyl sulfoxide, or DMSO, does enhance the absorption of chemicals through the skin and there are stories floating around about people stringing rosary pea seeds for jewelry accidentally sticking themselves and succumbing to the poison.
After separating and purifying extracts from the rosary pea, Kinghorn thought he and his colleagues would find glycyrrhizin, a sugar compound in licorice, but instead they found new sweet compounds called abrusosides.