Rope Burn

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brush burn

a burn caused by friction of a rapidly moving object against the skin or ground into the skin.
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A type of mechanical burn caused by rope. Natural fibre rope tends to cause worse burns
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If a rope burn occurs, it should be treated as a first-degree burn.
Happily, broken limbs are not a feature of his classes, although rope burns seem to be a common hazard.
The pain was instant, like a constant rope burn, but I released my arms and hung in a cross shape, worrying how I would get out of this one.
By accident I've grabbed a rope as I was falling and I've given myself a really nasty rope burn which takes ages to heal as it always goes septic.
The incident I remember most was when a chunk of flesh was bitten from his arm and he had a rope burn on his neck.
They found several old bullet holes as well as a rope burn on his neck.
CHAPS were originally worn by cowboys to protect their legs from rope burns and thorns while they were out lassoing steers.
He was just a youth then, and time has changed how he looks, although it cannot hide the scars from the rope burns on his hands.
A WOMAN suffered bloody rope burns when a line caught around her neck during a zipwire ride at the Eden Project.
They gave you rope burns in your groin and the sound of the wind whistling past your ears would be accompanied by the disconcerting creak of the branch bearing your weight.
Badly dazed, and with vivid rope burns on his neck, Collier was dragged back up the scaf-ffolding and hanged with new rope.
I can usually count on 60 seconds before the first rope burns through, but it was more like 45 seconds, which was too fast.