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inclusive term for underground parts of plants used as animal feed. Includes turnips, swedes, beets, mangels.

Patient discussion about roots

Q. How much does a root canal hurt? I have to get a root canal for my bottom tooth. I was wondering how much they hurt. And do you have any suggestions that help distract from the pain? Thanks.

A. i did one about two years ago- even the injection wasn't too bad! didn't feel a thing. but after the anesthesia worn off it hurt. but then the dentist told me to take Advil or any other NSAID and it helped.

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The Roots Festival is based on the concept of cultural tourism.
Under UV light, live roots fluoresce more strongly than dead roots.
Marked differences in number of roots and gender were observed in both maxillary first and second premolars ( ?
Finally the number of roots, root length (cm), root fresh and dry weight (g), number of leaves, number of sprouts, shoot length, sprout length and survival percentage (%) of each cutting were recorded 90 days after planting.
The aim of this study was to assess the radiographic quality of root canal obturation provided by the postgraduate students in posterior teeth using nickel-titanium (NiTi) rotary files in a crown-down approach compared with stainless steel standard preparation technique.
New research by mycologists has found significant consequences from symbiotic association between soil fungus and plant roots, resulting in changes the genetic expression of resulting crop.
3 Each human tooth has its unique roots anatomy and has been studied in details.
However a significantly non-linear correlation of root glomalin with root mycorrhizal colonization appeared in carrot roots in vitro colonized by Glomus intraradices (Rosier et al.
When a good ball of roots had formed, the branches were cut off below the media (garden soil) and were placed in beds to become more firmly established before being set out permanently.
The foam will adhere to roots in the mainline and in the service laterals.
We needed a grass roots cricketer like Root to come through and remove our longrooted fears branch and root, so root for Root to root out the root problem by not ending up rooted to the spot but putting down roots to build a top innings instead.
The latest technology includes transparent gels that allow them to observe roots at different stages of development as the root and plant grow together in a kind of suspended animation.