root resorption of teeth

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root resorption of teeth

Degeneration of tooth roots caused by endocrine imbalance or excessive pressure of orthodontic appliances. Root resorption may be categorized as internal or external. Internal root resorption, sometimes called internal granuloma, is usually a result of pulpal trauma. Affected teeth demonstrate a radiolucent enlargement within the pulp canal on a dental radiograph. External root resorption has a variety of causes, including eruption pressure, localized infection, and forced orthodontic pressure. Radiographs demonstrate roots that appear to be sawed off or shortened.


Traumatic sources of resorption may include pulpal trauma, eruption pressure, localized infection, previous injury, and forced orthodontic pressure; however, resorption has occurred with no identifiable source of trauma.


Patients may be asymptomatic or they may experience localized sensitivity.


The treatment includes eliminating the trauma, if possible.

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