root planing

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1. abrasion of disfigured skin to promote reepithelization with minimal scarring; done by mechanical means (dermabrasion) or by application of a caustic (chemabrasion). See also plastic surgery.
root planing smoothing of the root surface of a tooth after subgingival scaling or débridement.

root plan·ing

(rūt plān'ing),
In dentistry, abrading of rough root surfaces to achieve a smooth surface.

root plan·ing

(rūt plān'ing)
In dentistry, abrading of rough root surfaces to achieve a smooth surface.
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Effect of scaling and root planing on the composition of the human subgingival microbial flora.
(1) That review found that a moderate level evidence supported the use of the PDT diode laser (0.53 mm gain in CAL) beyond root planing alone.
* Studies in Chile and the United States demonstrated a reduction in the incidence of PLBW among women with periodontitis who underwent scaling and root planing during pregnancy.
No other treatment has proven as beneficial as oral hygiene instructions and conventional scaling and root planing. For the majority of patients, periodontal sites will respond adequately to scaling and root planing and require no additional therapy.
(2) Another systematic review showed, for periodontal pockets initially measuring 4 to 6 mm, the mean reduction in probing depth was 1.29 mm with a net gain in clinical attachment levels of 0.55 mm following scaling and root planing. (3) A 2012 systematic review, to be discussed next, showed a pronounced chance of pocket closure at 3 and 6 months following scaling and root planing (NSPT) with or without adjunctive antibiotics, although the addition of antibiotics showed additional benefits.
The test group was treated by scaling and root planing and irradiation with diode LASER, while control group was treated by scaling and root planing only.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Pregnant women with periodontitis who underwent a deep tooth cleaning and root planing procedure had a significantly lower rate of preterm birth than those who received no treatment in a pilot study of 366 women.
Studies evaluating residual calculus post-scaling and root planing via tactile and visual means have often relied on extraction of hopeless teeth as an end point in their methodology.
Recent investigations has examined the use of periodontal endoscopy in an effort to improve the outcome of scaling and root planing. The bulk of this research has been conducted on sites that have been non-responsive to traditional therapy.
Traditional initial treatment for periodontitis focuses on scaling and root planing, with occasional adjunctive chemotherapeutic agents.
The primary objective of scaling and root planing is to restore periodontal health by completely removing pathogenic products that induce inflammation (i.e.
For patients with periodontal disease, diode lasers are used by dentists and dental hygienists to improve the clinical effects of scaling and root planing. Many manufacturers claim that the diode laser is different from other lasers because it stops bleeding and seals lymphatic and nerve endings, bypassing inflammation and discomfort.